COVID-19 Policy Update

March 17, 2020

CMENT is currently operating BAU (Business as usual) from our remote locations.  Each staff member has been asked to isolate themselves from all contact when possible.  We believe that taking this step will help to ensure the safety of our staff and help to #flattenthecurve as much as possible.  Please check here often for critical updates.



March 12, 2020

Prior to this week, we had employed multiple sanitation strategies, including eliminating personal contact such as handshakes, supplying sanitizer to all staff members, as well as redoubling office-cleaning efforts.

We had encouraged our people to work or hold meetings remotely rather than meet in groups whenever possible.

In light of this week’s developments we now have restrictions in place concerning travel and have measures in place to allow team members to work remotely.

Effective Friday, March 13, we will no longer operate out of our 88 Waterpark Location and will put our remote policies in full effect.

As it relates to our services and policies:


  1. Has COVID-19 impacted any of the products or services you provide?  – NO
  2. Does your Disaster Recovery Plan/Business Continuity Plan (DRP/BCP) include pandemic planning and preparedness? – YES
  3. If yes does your plan include: 
    1. Mass absenteeism?  – YES
    2. Transferring work and work-remote capabilities? – YES
  4. Have your DRP/BCPs been tested in the past year or as part of the ongoing COVID-19 threat? – YES, We have successfully completed a test during which all of our firm members logged in simultaneously from home or another remote location; we have had robust policies in place that provide for secure and efficient remote work for some time.
  5. Are you currently operating in Business As Usual (BAU) mode or have any DRP/BCP actions been implemented as a result of COVID-19?  – Effective tomorrow Friday, March 13, 2020, we will implement our remote working policy but are operating remotely as per usual with no disruptions to service or staffing
  6. Has the COVID 19 impacted any of the suppliers you engage that would impact the products or services provided?  – NO
  7. If your suppliers are impacted by COVID-19, what is being done to ensure they can continue to support their contractual obligations?  – NA our only suppliers are annual software license providers and hardware manufacturers.  We have backup hardware and software in place and have additional replacement hardware that can be used as required in the event of a failure.


CMENT will continue to service our clients and there will be no disruption of services.